JOHN REUSING: Cocktail/Bar Expert

About Me

My name is John Reusing. I'm a Baltimore native with 13 years of bartending experience - focusing on quality over every other concern. Frustrated with the seemingly low standards for cocktails, and seemingly repetitive liquor selection available in “Charm City,” I decided to open a bar that specializes in rare liquors and superior cocktails.

Bad Decisions was born in May of 2008 and has been pushing the cocktail movement forward in Baltimore ever since. A big part of why I have been so successful with Bad Decisions, is because we are on the forefront of cocktail trends. Sometimes, we're even years before any regional competitor. I have also curated one of the largest liquor collections on the East Coast that we share with the customers through educational (and incredibly fun) tasting events.

Now that Bad Decisions is an established cocktail and liquor destination for the region, I am looking to spend more time working outside of the bar. I want to spread the gospel of a distinct cocktail. I want to be the emissary of unique spirits. I want to be the bearer of the best brews.

Check out the things I've done already. See how I can fit into your next big event. Whether it's tasting parties, cocktail pop ups, or teaching about liquor appriciation and the craft of cocktail making. Reach out to me and let's see how to tap my experience. (Puns not included in personal appearances.)

Things I've Done

Things I'll Do

  • Bartending (I can do pop-ups, special events, menu or product launches.)
  • Tasting Classes (I'll run a private or public tasting with a range of products for beginners and connoisseurs alike.)
  • Menu Design (I can make menus tailored to a specific venue, event, or product.)
  • Menu Design(Tailored for new bar restaurant, seasonal menu, or revamp of existing bar program. The focus is having drinks that appeal to that venue's customer base, are profitable, and within the ability of the barstaff to create.)
  • Bartending Training (I can do staff training for bartenders or sales reps. One-on-one training is available on a very limited basis.)

Contact Me

Please feel free to reach out if you think we can work together. I am always eager to spread the word about a good drink. Thanks for stopping by.

John shows Zane Lamphrey how to make the Zombie Island at Bad Decisions in Baltimore.
John supervises Zane for Drinking Made Easy.